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Selekt provides industries with a suite of AI-driven technology solutions to enable businesses to drive efficiency and scale


Our Solutions

Advanced Chatbots

We develop chatbots for Sales & Marketing with an objective of automating Business Processes in Real Estate, E-Commerce, Hospitality, Airlines, Broadcast TV and Human Resources. We devise end to end solutions for the automation through chatbots.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

We develop Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms that can predict the outcome given a set of dependent parameters or detect something in specific– related to any business problem

Websites and Apps

We are proficient in product building, developing websites and Mobile Applications on MEAN stack, React Native and Swift .

Block chain

Dapps, Smart Contracts, Tokens, ICOs, Private Blockchain and many more. We have expertise in the latest of Blockchain Tech.


Selekt is a smart tech company providing advanced solutions in areas of AI, Chatbots, Blockchain, Data Analytics & Consumer Experience.

The next wave of Technology is already here and our objective is to innovate solutions that can either propel growth or save costs for our clients during these most challenging times. Our expertise is in technology & customer experience and these are the pillars on which we build our solutions.


Prashanth Sai

Leading Product Portfolio

Certified in Machine learning and Deep learning. 3 years experience in Product Management and Business Analysis. Responsible for complete P & L of Selekt. Delivered chatbots with successful ROI to enterprises in India. Developed Image Tagging and Object Detection solutions for e-commerce clients. A graduate from IIT Bombay. A meticulous analyst, a go-getter and is passionate about AI & Chatbots.

Suvindh Sudevan

Heading Sales and Marketing

Developed Fin tech Applications for Bank of New York Mellon. Holds a Management degree from Indian Institute of Management Indore. Has 7 years of experience in Advanced Tech, Consumer Experience, Digital Marketing & Conversational Commerce. One of the key strategy planner and executor for fastest growing E-commerce startup in India

Sambasiva Rao​

Leading Tech and Architecture

3 years experience in Data Sciences, Machine Learning and Deep learning. Developed end to end Web and Mobile Applications in different sectors like Food Tech, Real Estate, E-commerce etc. Handled look alike modeling algorithms for major analytics companies in India. A graduate from IIT Bombay with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences and 66th rank holder in JEE with sharp acumen for logic and data.



Use Chatgen to construct and let the bot generate an incomparable amount of leads and a staggering boost to your website traffic conversion rates.

Lead Gen Bot

With Lead Gen Bot on your website, any conversation can be conversion. This bot can answer queries regarding company’s products and services round the clock. Collects all your leads with automated scheduling and notifies concerned managers in the team.

Sales Assistant Bot

Sales Assistant Bot assists your customers buying from huge catalog of products as per their need. It can respond with any information regarding any product and shall assist user till the purchase. We also provide detailed analytics of all users to optimise the bot flows for conversion or purchase.

Campaign Bots​

Let the bot talk about your services and products in campaigns. This can be on the campaign page or whole bot can act as a campaign page. Engage your users more by interacting about your campaign rather than uses going through the complete content on the page.

Utility Bot​

Utility Bots shall retrieve any information from client’s database and can also do specific activity, store those details into client’s system. Examples: ‘Apply for a leave’, ‘Recharge my account’ etc.

Report Analyser

Report Analyser understands your structured reports and will answer with the specific information as asked by the user. This can summarize your daily reports and can answer to specific questions regarding the report.

Look A Like Modeling​

Look-alike modeling uses machine learning tools to identify potential customers by identifying behaviours that look like ideal customers from available pool of user data.

Aspect Based Sentiment​

Know what users are talking about your product or services with Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis solution. Our Algorithm shall fetch all reviews from various platforms and shall give aspect wise sentiment analysis about specific keyword.

Billing Application​

Billing Application is a responsive web application built to manage all your vendors from Estimates to Purchase orders and till invoice clearance. It shall notify all the stakeholders regarding delays or clearances of invoices.

Channel Partner App​

Channel Partner is an Android and iOS application to manage sales distributors, channel partners or resellers.


Clients who experienced our solutions



"Selekt improved our Search & in-app experience. They are experts in Structured Data, AI & Deep Learning and developed a Product Offering Optimization Solution for us. A go to team for any Advanced tech solution "


Co-founder, Doubtnut

"Ravi & his team made a dramatic difference in Purplle by optimizing our marketing ROI. They have a deep understanding in Analytics, Machine Learning & are strong in building advanced algorithms & models using data-led insights"



"We trusted the team from the very beginning for developing our NLP based Chatbot Solution. They understand AI & Chatbots very well. They go that extra mile and work together with us to arrive at the optimum solution"


Digital Marketing Manager, Tata Value Homes

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